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We are a specialist importer and retailer of truffles and truffle based products. We are passionate about our food and every product has been endorsed by James Painter the founder and owner of Sybaritic Ltd.

A fine selection of truffles, truffle oils, sauces and truffle deli products

The Home of Truffles and Fine Fare Our shop is dedicated to finding and delivering premium and top quality products. We are really serious about our food and products and this is no joke. James, our founder, works with top UK chefs and gets their feedback on our range. In fact some of these Chefs have agreed to provide recipes and will be making guest apperances on this site. See the section entitled "James's Corner" for more details.

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Know your truffles

Lusciously flavoursome, tantalizingly aromatic but equally hard to cultivate – it is not hard to imagine why truffles are one of the most expensive food stuffs on the planet. It is one of those foods that have been naturally designed to entice the savoury-loving taste buds, and make the brain cry ‘encore’. According to Michelin […]

Gallipoli Cafe – review by James

Ordered from their lunch menu on saturday 24/11/12. Great value at only £8.50 for two courses. Enjoyed the carpaccio of beef followed by the slow cooked lamb with risotto. The lamb had a beautiful flavour unlike anything I have tasted before. The inside is fab. Link to Café Gallipoli website: Link to review:   Link […]

Sybaritic are more than just a web shop

I think we have previously posted the fact that Sybaritic Ltd is a multifaceted business. We run a website shop, work with suppliers to develop products, meet chefs on a daily basis and from time to time we attend food related events. We attended the open day event held at the Dingley Dell Pork Farm. […]

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